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Split Dollar, Executive Bonus Plans

Many wealthy individuals should consider a split-dollar insurance. It may be private, or a private non-equity collateral assignment gifts to an ILIT (irrevocable life insurance trust), and more. To avoid estate taxation, some insured individuals name a child, spouse or other beneficiary as the owner of the policy.

Tax Reduction Strategies

This is a critical part of estate planning because you want to ensure that you receive every dollar possible now, and in the future.

Trust and Titling Issues

Trusts, Titles, and Wills allow YOU to help control how you will be remembered, and when, where, how, and who gets your assets after you are gone. This will make it easier on your loved ones.

Business Succession/Buy-Sell

A buy/sell agreement is a contract between two or more business owners that outlines the terms of ownership transfer in the event that an owner retires, divorces, becomes disabled or dies. Provisions in any buy/sell agreement also should address the possibility of bankruptcy or loss of a professional license and should be based on a mutually agreed upon market value of the business.

Fringe Benefit

Fringe Benefit Audits and Reviews may potentially help to reduce or better the cost of such benefits as Health, Dental, Life, and Disability Insurance. A review of your current 401K, 403B, Pension, Bonuses, TPA's, and other Insurance Investments may allow you to better the financial situation for both yourself and your employees.

Elderly Issues, Long Term Care

Long term care insurance provides you with day-to-day assistance when a serious illness or disability renders you unable to care for yourself, whether physically or cognitively, for a lengthy period of time. Long term care can be provided at home or at nursing, assisted living or alternate care facilities. An effective long term care plan can be tailored to best suit your needs with supportive protection benefits.

Life Reviews

Why buy life insurance? It can help protect your beneficiaries home and livelihood, and minimize the debt load for your survivors. In addition, proceeds paid to beneficiaries are not subject to income tax. Whether you choose a Variable Universal Policy, Whole Life, or Term Life, one thing is true - the younger you are and the healthier you are when you purchase life insurance, the less it may cost you. You should always consider your life insurance needs when major life events occur such as marriage, the birth of your children, or a business startup.

529 and College Planning

Paying for a child's college education is an expensive proposition - but not an impossible one. With the right strategies, you can potentially go a long way to meeting this challenge whether your child is still in preschool or already in high school. If your child is young, establishing a savings plan now can put time on your side. Consider alternatives to the traditional savings account such as setting up a custodial account in your child's name with a mutual fund company and making regular contributions.

Annuities and Guaranteed Income

Annuities written through insurance companies may be variable. Also available are mutual funds, equity indexed or fixed annuities. There are any riders to consider. I make sure that everything is right for your situation.

IRA to Roth

There are a number of situations where it may make sense to roll your old 401(k) assets into an IRA: You recently left or lost a job and don't know what to do with your old 401(k). You have multiple 401(k) plans from previous jobs. Your previous 401(k) isn't performing to its potential. Your previous 401(k) is overly dependent on one company.

Charitable Giving Ideas

Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." This is true no matter how grand or modest a contribution you can afford, and the fact is, your gift or bequest can have a significant and beneficial impact on the lives of others- if you know how to give most effectively.